Featured Student: Brenda Bailey

"Your lessons have definitely improved the quality of my life. Not only is it a pleasure to get together for the lessons, the slow and gentle daily practice that you have taught me carries through to the days when I don't have lessons. Osteoarthritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica have many different causes, some known and many unknown. After several years of treatment and experimentation, both traditional and nontraditional, I've concluded that those maladies in my case were caused by a buildup of toxins in my body. The crown jewel in my treatment has been the incorporation of this yoga practice which works to release those toxins. The arthritic pain that I normally experience with movement has diminished considerably, and flexibility has increased. I am also less bothered by seasonal allergies. What more could I ask? Thanks, Robbie! My only regret is in not starting this yoga practice years ago."

Brenda Bailey, 70, Retired Teacher, Mechanicsville, VA