How This Teaching Works:

Private Instruction

From the inception of the relationship, my goal is to impart the practice so that the student can practice correctly without me.

Introduction With Demonstration – Two Hours – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Anyone who has any curiosity about this yoga should schedule the Introduction, as in order to intelligently evaluate the practice one must feel and experience it. After general conversation to become acquainted, we have specific conversation regarding yoga and Ashtanga Yoga in particular. I do a 20-minute demonstration from the 90-minute practice, and then I teach the first ten minutes of the practice until you have it memorized, so that you can do it on your own the next day.

Subsequent Lessons – One Hour

Subsequent lessons are open-ended and scheduled one at a time. We review what you have learned, and continue sequentially through the practice at a pace comfortable for you.

Some people (typically those under 45) can learn the full 90-minute practice in 3- 6 months. Other people may never be able to do the full practice. But even 30 minutes a day transforms one’s life by imparting strength, flexibility, agility, and patience.

Fee and Guarantee

The fee per lesson is $100 in the studio, whether for one person or a group.  Outside the studio, the fee is $125 in the immediate metropolitan area.  The fee for farther distances can be discussed.

I’m passionate about sharing this yoga practice because it has helped me immensely since 2001.  If the yoga resonates in a special way in the introductory lesson, it may well end up being transformational.

However, if at the end of the introductory session you decide not to pursue further instruction with me, the fee will be excused. This is my guarantee; I do not believe that I should be paid if you do not find the session valuable enough to wish to continue.