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Additional Testimonials

“Ashtanga Yoga is the most challenging and rewarding, yet gentle personal adventure of my life. Unlike any yoga class I’ve had before, Robbie’s individual attention has encouraged me to a fuller and more graceful practice. That grace has transcended to other aspects of my life, helping me feel powerful and poised in both work and play. Thank you, Robbie!!”

   ~ Dorothea Henry, 31, Adventure Athlete and Ultra Marathon Runner

“Careful! Take one step down this path and you will find yourself on a life long journey towards a better -no, a transformed- mind and body. Individual training is the best way to start, and Robbie Norris is the best individual instructor in the city of Richmond. Call him. Call him now.”

   ~ Mark Staples, 51, businessman, Wachovia Securities

“Robbie’s dedication to the Practice of Yoga is contagious. We always look forward to the class, and after it, we feel rejuvenated and renewed. He makes the lessons interesting and fun!”

   ~ Millie Green, Millie Green Real Estate Team and husband, Jim Green

“Robbie’s classes have awakened in me a child’s curiosity and daring to test my limits...like riding a bicycle or diving into a pool for the first time, it’s been exhilarating. I’m so much freer and richer for it.”

   ~ Shari Motro, 35, Assistant Professor of Law, UR

“With Robbie’s gentle and supportive instruction, I soon learned the beauty of Ashtanga Yoga and how enriching it could be. Robbie’s remarkable approach has helped transform the way I relate to my body, and has given me a better physical and emotional foundation.”

   ~ Ori Belkind, 38, Professor of Philosophy, UR

“Robbie is a terrific teacher  knowledgeable, gently encouraging, entirely supportive. Watching experts practice yoga can be intimidating, but Robbie helps you see that you can accomplish a lot, and improve your life- and he will help you each step along the way.”

   ~ Andy Lewis, 61, Professor of Mathematics, VCU

“The decision to take private yoga lessons with Robbie may be one of the best gifts my husband and I have ever given each other. His claims regarding the therapeutic and fitness benefits have proven accurate. He has been excellent at creating a practice adapted to our needs and capabilities while continuing to offer new physical challenges. We’re hooked for life!”

   ~ Susan Hume Frazer, Ph.D., 60, President, Hume-Frazer Associates, Author and Architectural Historian

“Jeff and I enjoy yoga as an activity we can share together. To us yoga practice means a break from our busy days, a peaceful time together. By being our expert guide, Robbie allows us to maximize our practice and our enjoyment of yoga.”

   ~ Mac Pence, 47, owner, Pence Auto Group; Jeff Wells, 46, Innkeeper at Maury Place Bed and Breakfast

“I’ve never done yoga before and have found that working with Robbie over the past ten months has given me an extraordinary sense of well-being. An excellent teacher, he combines knowledge and intuition to focus on individual abilities and aspirations.”

   ~ Ruth Bolduan Associate Professor of Painting, VCU

“I’ve taken yoga group classes before and found yoga to be difficult and the classes frustrating. Doing the private classes with Robbie have allowed me to understand yoga positions and achieve results I never thought were possible for my body type. Yoga still is a challenge, but no longer a source of frustration.”

   ~ Sima Vaysman, 39, SAP Consultant and Fencer