Richmond City Justice Center Inmate Finds his Breath

George, 53, is a lifelong denizen of Richmond's Blackwell neighborhood.  He was introduced to yoga practice in jail, hasn't missed a single class, and practices daily on his own between classes. 

Many thanks to Sheriff C.T. Woody, and Internal Program Director Sarah Scarbrough, PhD, for keeping the yoga program going strong.

And thank you, David Swenson, for continuing to send yoga mats and "spineless" Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manuals.  Because hardcover books are not allowed, David sends manuals with the plastic spiral spine removed, so the pages can be tied together like this:

George handed me this statement on Monday, April 20:

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Amazing insight, especially the Biblical quotes regarding breath. Breath is what distinguishes life from death. When you die, you stop breathing and vice versa. Breath is the life force within us. The Romans called this life force "anima" which is the Latin word for "soul". Breath is what animates us and makes us living beings. It's also interesting that the medical term for taking a breath is called inspiration. Namaste.


April 23, 2015

7:26 AM

Robbie Norris